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    About Dafeng
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    Zhejiang Dafeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd-About Dafeng

    Founded : January 2005 .
    Industry : Public seat stadium , grandstand activities and related facilities , set design, development , manufacturing production, installation and commissioning , after-sales service . Area : an area of ​​133,000 square meters , 105,000 square meters building .
    Registration : Registered capital of 25 million yuan .
    Employees : more than 300 employees, including more than 90 scientific and technical personnel .
    Sales : all over the country and sold overseas . Import and export rights , with Australia , Japan, USA , South Africa, Singapore , Greece, Spain, Germany , Turkey, the United Kingdom , Israel, Kazakhstan , South Korea, Taiwan and other More than twenty countries and regions have established good trade relations , is the largest contractor Athens Olympics, the Beijing Olympic stadium public seating , bleachers engineering activities .
    Zhejiang Dafeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd-About Dafeng
    Patents : has a national invention , utility model , the appearance of 80 patents .
    Honours : as China famous brand , national quality assured brand , SME financial credit "AAA" grade, industrial and commercial enterprises in Zhejiang Province , " the contract and trustworthy " AAA grade, patent model enterprises.
    Qualifications : high-tech enterprises , the construction two qualifications.
    Insurance : All products in recent years covered by the China Pacific Insurance Company .
    Association : Ningbo Economic Council director unit of China Flame Retardant Society executive director units, multifunctional masterbatch China Plastic Association Professional Committee member units , the Shanghai stadium Association, member of China Society of Sports Science , Chinese quality inspection
    Check the member associations , provincial Furniture Industry Association member units, the National Furniture Industry Association member units and so on.

    Zhejiang Dafeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd-About Dafeng

    Certification : The company GB/T19001-2008 " Quality management systems - Requirements ", GB/T24001-2004 " Environmental management systems - Specification with guidance for use ", GB/T28001-2011 " Occupational Health and Safety Management System - Regulations
    Van "and" green factory quality assurance capability requirements " of the request , based on the excellent management and concrete work together to determine the" create exquisite works ; create a comfortable environment ; promote healthy living " Management principle of " honest and gregarious , open beyond the " spirit of enterprise , " the only example , the amount was hired " employing the principle , so that everyone rules to follow, everything responsibility to the people . The company stakeholders satisfaction-oriented implementation of quality insurance products , customer focus, service to society.
    The company will continue to improve its internal management, with first-class management, first-class products , first-class service , first-class teams in the growing process, introduced to the world an internationally competitive Chinese brands have to create a world-class Chinese companies.
    Copyright © 2013 Zhejiang Dafeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 浙ICP备05040410号-1   Design:Hansun


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